Biological Age Monitoring Services

Epigenetic Age Analysis Version 2.0

Our new and improved service is perfect for getting a biological estimate of your current age. We examine the chemical changes to your DNA (epigenetics) the occur during the aging process. We then determine what age is reflected in the state of your DNA by comparing your results to our sample population. This service is great for getting either a one-time measurement to see if the state of your DNA matches your current age, or for taking repeated measurements over time to track your rate of aging.

Version 2.0 of our service examines three genes, and we provide to you the location and degree of observed change along with our age estimate. When you order, we will mail you vial for painlessly collecting and preserving DNA from your cheek cells. Simply mail the vial back to us and we’ll post your results (usually within 1 to 3 weeks). Please see or FAQ for more details.

Price: $85.21 plus shipping

We are no longer accepting new orders of this service.